1. Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

    Lake Wissota

  2. Great first shoot with the #mnphotofamily. I definitely have missed working with people on shoots on a regular basis, and hope this is just the beginning. 

  3. Sometimes the city can wear a man down. One must keep their spirits up.

  4. 4th Of July 2014 in Minneapolis

  5. Scenes of Twin Cities Pride @ The Saloon

  6. Summer has arrived in Minneapolis

  7. armandinc:

    The many sides of the Twin Cities during the Summer.

    Hey It’s around that time of the year againnnn!

  8. Last week, I had the pleasure of exploring Duluth, Minnesota with Jimmy Lopez, and getting a couple pictures by the lovely scenery with a little bit of a twist. Great way to spend Memorial Day.

  9. For those in the Omaha area, this sight has always been a highlight for many childhoods. Coming back to this, whenever I visit, definitely brings back good memories of my own.

    For any newbies visiting, newspaper or silky paper, is highly recommended when going down the slides ;-)

  10. The bros out fishing at Wildwood Lake, Nebraska
    Ted & Wally's Downtown Omaha

    So this is how my last weekend looked :)